Driving More Customer Engagement and Appointments
Client to beautician: ‘I saw your message on my phone for a free shampoo.’

There are many ways a local business such as a salon can benefit from proximity marketing. In today's world consumers are getting tired of downloading apps. Our Bluetooth enabled beacons send out notifications that are passive, so no one’s phone gets buzzed with annoying push messages. Here are some idea's on how your business can grow through this technology.

Creating More Business

Think about giving a beacon to each beautician to place on their key chain. The notification would point to an offer for a free shampoo for their first visit and a link to book with that beautician's online calendar.

The results can be powerful because your advertising is going everywhere each of your beauticians go and they get to build their own book of business.

Use beacons at the entrance of the store to send promotional offers to customers
passing by the store.

Create offers for customers who are in the store offering discount on additional hair products. Offer a product of the day special.



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