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Home shopper to Realtor: ‘I saw your message on my phone.’

Ask yourself, how often does a potential buyer drive up to a listing and call you while there? More often then not, they are not going to immediately reach out to you.

Contrary to what social media some would have you think that people have become more private and would prefer text or even an email over direct contact. So how do Realtors reach people in such a society where privacy is a concern? If only the house itself could talk to people as they drive by...

Change the Way People See Your Properties


With Bluetooth technology the house you are selling can talk to people! Using a Beacon, information about a home is transmitted to anyone nearby with a mobile phone or device.

What makes Beacons different than other types of advertising such as a sign with a phone number asking people to call or  requiring a user to send a text to get the information they want. The visitor doesn't have to initiate contact at all, the Beacon does that. Beacons actively engage anyone within a 100 meter range, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week non-stop.

Mobile users receive a notification on their phone and with one simple click, information about the home and listing agent is opened on their screen. To the passerby, it's as if the home itself was talking right to them.

Case studies have shown that equipped with Beacons sell faster and receive more engagement than unequipped homes.

Harness the power of beacons and the Internet by creatingg virtual open houses without your even being there. Display beautiful, engaging property listings and offer on-demand virtual tours at the properties you have for sale.

There are some other interesting and creative ways Realtors are using Beacons. Most Beacon using Principal Brokers keep one at the office transmitting the agency site to everyone who walks in the door.  Another use is to keep a Beacon with you at all times. It is like having your own personal transmitter with you all the time that promotes your website or a lead capture page. At meetings and restaurants his site is transmitted to everyone around you.

No doubt tech is continually evolving and grant it Real Estate Agents have proven themselves to be resilient.



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