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Powerful Mobile Ready Landing Page / Loyalty Coupon Builder

Creating More Customers For Your Business!

When someone checks their notifications, what are you offering them to get
them in your store, buy more and come back more often?

Here are some examples on how you can use our platform to grow your business.
Our Mobile Lead System is a game changing new lead generation tool that will change the way you think about list building forever.

What Does Our Revolutionary Lead System Do?

By engaging the email client on your subscriber’s mobile device, our Mobile Lead System allows you to revive and revolutionize your email marketing by doing several things, all without leads needing to type anything into a form:

How Does It Work?

1) It grabs PRIMARY email addresses. People are a whopping 3 times more likely to open emails sent to their primary email address vs those sent to a secondary email address.

It allows you to create a “magic” button that, when tapped, prompts the device’s email client to open up with an outgoing email message pre-filled with a subject line and message body of your choosing (e.g. something like “please send me the free report”).

2) When the user taps the “send” button, it sends out the message just like any other email they’ve ever sent, from their ACTUAL email address on their phone!

That email, thanks to your magic little Leads button, goes to a special email address that integrates with your auto-responds message in the background resulting in that person’s email and the actual name associated with that email account both being added to your email list automatically.

3) It grabs the actual name associated with that email account. Email personalization (especially putting a name in the subject line) has been shown to boost open rates by about a further 40% and revenue profit from email campaigns by around 70%. 3)

It provides you with a cleaner list, without all those fake email addresses or addresses that will never be checked.




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