Kipling Place Shopping Center
Reach Up To 15,000 People Per Month For Just $37

Send Your Promotion To Anyone With A Bluetooth Enabled
Android Device In This Shopping Area

How much would you pay to have your flyer distributed to 15,000 homes?  Now you can have the same kind of advertising reach for pennies on the dollar with Google Nearby.

Businesses are now able to connect directly to every Bluetooth enabled phone in the area with Google Nearby, which automatically places special offers and discounts from local merchants on smart phones. "We see it as a positive way for stores to create more engagement and benefits for people who enter the property," says Traffic Reach owner Scott Johnson.

Most shoppers are familiar with Elvis Theater, but they might not be aware of other stores that could also serve their needs, stores like Twisted Sammie, Water Source, Alternative Cellular and others who are on the other side of the Center.

Put Your Business Advertising In A Shopping Center Without The High Cost of Renting Space

Scott went on to say, "We also see it as a way for other businesses who are not merchants in the shopping center to tap into an existing audience. We know that there are well over 1,000 people who come and go every day through Kipling Place Shopping Center. If we can bring more exposure to local businesses to those who live in the area, everyone wins. This opens the door for many businesses to leverage their advertising dollars better and at an affordable price."

When shoppers enter the Kipling Place Shopping center with a Bluetooth enabled Android Device they will automatically receive a silent notification on their phone enticing them to connect with your business. We rotate the messages from each business based on a subscription model. 

When people click on the notification message on their phone they will be taken to your business offer.

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We know that approximately 64 percent of Smartphone users have an Android phone and 77 percent of those phones have their Bluetooth notifications enabled.  Conservative estimates tell us that up to 15,000 people will have our notifications show up on their phones while they are in the area.

This is advertising space most businesses will want to take advantage of at a fraction of what it might cost for print based advertising.

If you would like your business to be featured in the actual Bluetooth message to the customer’s phone along with other features like Facebook and Mobile integration's it starts at $37.00 per month. We also offer you the ability to purchase Bluetooth Keychains that will promote your business anywhere you or your employees go.

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This is a 6 month agreement, if you wish to pay
in advance we will add and additional free month.

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