Send a Bluetooth Advertising Message to Smartphones Within
650 Feet Creating Engagement, Prospects, And Sales!

  • Denver Area Businesses - Get A FREE Beacon!

  • Automatically Promote Your Business

  • Create More Engagement!

  • Generate Fresh Quality Leads

  • Create More Sales

  • Up-sell Offers To Current Customers
Get Seen, Heard, Viewed,
Anytime, Anywhere!
What if there was a way to have a dedicated marketing representative passing out your flyers
and booking appointment nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year?
Google Partnership Makes It Easy. Get A Free Beacon!
Google is piloting a program where you can receive free beacons. If you are a Denver area business you can qualify to be the first of 100 businesses to take part in this free offer. Make their venues more visible to customers with mobile devices.

Google Making It Easy

Google is piloting a program where we send beacons to businesses with physical locations to make their venues more visible to customers with mobile devices. Beacons are small transmitters that send one-way signals that are read by customers’ phones. This location information can be used across a wide range of services on mobile phones.

How It Works

Project Beacon is a program that will give FREE Beacons to every Denver area business to help get people to visit venues they may not have otherwise seen. The program is designed to have a notification to appear on a mobile device when they are in range of a beacon. This notification is unique only to your business and can contain any advertising message you choose to.

We provide you a platform that utilizes the Google Nearby API and is user friendly so even the most non-technical people can use it. Our platform allows you to create Landing Pages, Create Forms, Create List, and connect them all to a Beacon to broadcast your message up to 650 feet. You can make any type of Landing Page imaginable like, Video Pages, Ecommerce Pages, Sales Pages, Coupon Pages, Listing Pages, and any type of page a business needs.

Add to that the ability to connect those services to a beacon that will send your notifications and book appointment nonstop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for only $19 a month, it is marketing made simple. Imagine having 1 beacon at your location, 1 in the car, or 1 for each of your employees turning them into walking billboards promoting you wherever they go, do you see the value in that?

Who Needs Proximity Marketing?
Easily build your landing pages with the many included pre-made blocks. You have full HTML control over each template, so you can tweak every detail to your needs.
Create lead capture forms with the easy-to-use form builder. Entries are saved to the list you created, so you can follow up with them using either email or newsletters.
No need for a separate auto responder use the form fields in the email editor to send automated emails like opt-in confirmation requests or newsletters to your lists.

Platform Features

Just Add Your Beacons And Automatically Connect Your Landing Pages, Forms, and List With A Few Clicks.


Manage and email all of your contacts with the push of the button. Marketing your business is fast & easy.


Depending on the Beacons you use you can send out notifications up to 650 TO 1,000 feet around you with ease.


No other system on the market is as easy as this. Create a page, Create a form, Create a list, Add a Beacon.


One platform has everything you need to market and promote your business or service. Pick the plan you need.
What Others Are Saying...
Hair and Nail Salon Experiences Growth!
Proximity Beacons can be used effectively by ANY
small business owner, anywhere in the world.
  • Storefronts – up-sell your customers
  • Restaurants: “Did you know that we deliver?”
  • Salons: “Next Tuesday: $10 off all products!”
  • Fitness clubs: “Members – book your fitness assessment!
  • Boutiques: “Join our email list for exclusive deals”
  • Realtors – enhanced exposure
  • Put a beacon on your keychain and it acts like a “Digital Billboard” anywhere you go
  • Attach a beacon to the for Sales signage for quick links to pricing, photos, or to book a showing.
  • Attach a beacon to Open House signage on the busy streets - instead of just an arrow, link to google map, photos, price, etc. * Mobile Service Providers
  • Personal trainers – keep it in your gym bag and offer assessments to everyone at the gym
  • Plumbers, Contractors, Cleaners, etc. – keep a device in your vehicle and promote your services to the neighbors when at a client’s home.
  • Beacons can also be placed strategically in busy public places in your town or city to create additional exposure.
  • Welcome a user when he/she visits your event with general information
  • Offer a free coffee when a user visits your restaurant
  • Open a coupon when a user visits your store
  • Open a loyalty card when a user is near the checkout
  • Open a video when a user holds his/her phone near a product in your store
  • Show multi language content for objects in your museum
  • Notify tourists about nearby points of interest and local deals
  • Show fun facts about animals in your zoo
  • Show deals and discounts when users walk around stands
  • Create an adventure story game in your amusement park
  • Offer a meal deal on Tuesday only
  • Invite users for a lunch during weekdays in the morning
  • Show different contextual content for object based on day, date and / or time
  • Notify users about real estate they are nearby


$19 mo. after trial

5 Landing Pages

5 Lead Forms

5 Email Campaigns

500 Email Leads

Connect 10 Beacon Only

Purchase Now


per mo

10 Landing Pages

10 Lead Forms

10 Email Campaigns

1,200 Email Leads

Connect 10 Beacon Only

Purchase Now


per mo

50 Landing Pages

50 Lead Forms

50 Email Campaigns

5,000 Email Leads

Connect 50 Beacon Only

Purchase Now


/single use

90 Landing Pages

90 Lead Forms

90 Email Campaigns

10,000 Email Leads

Connect 90 Beacon Only

Purchase Now


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