• Special offers to customers in your restaurant
  • Real Estate listings
  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Virtual business card for networking events
  • Meetings, conferences, events
Generate Fresh Quality Leads For Your Business

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plus activation and $29 per mo thereafter

Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Beacon
Bluetooth Proximity Marketing Beacon
A rugged beacon built for tough environments.

Programed Bluetooth Beacon $25 plus one time $20 activation fee. After your purchase you will need to also purchase a monthly plan on our platform allowing you full control and management. (see product page in menu for details)

Shatter, water and dust proof, Anti-static, UV resistance, Fully Secure, 24-month battery life

Price: $$49.00
Price: $45.00

*one time activation $20. Additional Beacons are the cost of Beacon ($25) plus only $10 per month each.
Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How Does Here and Now Smart Mobile Business Cards Work?
    The Smart Business Cards work through a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand. It works using Google ‘nearby’ technology, continuously broadcasts a user-programmable message to a maximum distance of 100 feet to Android devices with Bluetooth & Location enabled. The message can be up to 40 characters plus a clickable link to your mobile business card. This message shows up as a silent notification on an Android device.

  2. Can The Bluetooth Marketing Device Broadcast to Apple Devices?
    Yes and No – If your user has Google Chrome installed on their iPhone they can receive your message via Bluetooth. If they do not, you have the option to send your message via text message that will also email you their contact info.

  3. Is this CRTC Compliant With Spam Laws?
    Yes this has all been verified. It is within CRTC regulations and doesn’t violate anti-spam. There’s no permanent text, email, notification, etc…It’s a temporary notification that they are able to view via your broadcast. If they don’t wish to view they can mute. It’s the same technology used in stores, airports, stadiums etc.

  4. Can I Use Any Link In The Notification That is Sent out?
    You can use any link as long as the website has a SSL certificate. This is something that Google requires. How do you know if you have a secure certificate? Simply type in https://yourdomain.com and see if there is an error. We offer a mobile business card solution and other options as well.

  5. Who Can Use The Bluetooth Marketing Device?
    Are you a Real Estate agent wanting more listings?
    Car sales agent wanting more sales?
    Restaurant owner wanting more customers?
    Bar owner wanting more traffic?
    Retail store with an offer to share?
    Insurance agent?
    Hair salon?
    Nail salon?
    Do you have a lawn care service?
    House cleaning business?
    Janitorial service?
    Delivery service?
    Do you have a home based business?
    Are you part of a direct sales company?
    Are you a coach and want others to know about your services?
    Web designer?
    Exhibitor at trade shows?

    Pretty much anybody that wants to market anything Can I change the message being broadcasted? Yes you can change the message. Simple email us at support@TrafficReach.com and let us know what message you would like to change it to.

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